April Davis: Perfect Attendance for 12 Years!


April Davis at Annual May Day Festival with Executive Director Maurice Kelley

Camelot Academy’s administrative assistant April Davis has the unique distinction of having a record of perfect attendance for the past twelve years. The former Philadelphia School District employee said she attributes her outstanding work ethic to a promise she made in prayer.

“I made a covenant with God that if He would give me this job I would make no excuses about showing up for work for five years,” she said. “After five years had passed and I realized that I’d done it, I did it for another five years. It’s my way of showing my appreciation to God for giving me a job that I love so much.”

April, who works at Camelot Academy in North Philadelphia, said that some days she doesn’t want to show up for work. But the mother of four noted that her mother always told her whatever she has to do for her kids, she must do it. “That’s the way I also look at my job; that I’m doing it for the kids. School is a safe place for them and I’m needed here. I see the kids here as my kids. I do it for them.”

Before coming to Camelot Academy, April was an administrative assistant for the Philadelphia School District. She noted she had no complaints about her previous employer; what she does is something she has always wanted to do. “I like giving information to people.”

Of course, when holidays roll around April takes a day off like everyone else. But then, according to her, she misses her job.

“I love being around my kids,” she said. “One day a student asked me, ‘Miss Davis why do you smile all the time? Every time I see you, you’re smiling.’ I answered her ‘You make me smile.’ A lot of people can’t say they love their jobs but I do and I thank God for it every day.”

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