Breast Cancer Awareness Month Brings Lessons to Camelot’s Florida Campus

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Camelot prides itself on staying involved with the communities where its schools are located. That was very much in evidence last Sunday as staff members from Camelot Academy of Escambia County joined the thousands wearing pink and walking to honor those affected by breast cancer at Seville Square in Pensacola, Florida.

Participation was particularly meaningful because a staff member at the school is a breast cancer survivor in her 7th year of recovery, while another staff member’s mother is also a survivor. The school has supported the walk for years but has now expanded the theme to include an educational component.

“A lot of our students had no prior awareness of the disease,” said Julia Venturi, Director of Social Services for the campus. “We felt it was important to make them aware and talk about prevention. We had guest speakers present on the disease, give statistics and teach how to do a self-check. We sent home information to parents so they understand what we’re covering with the girls and why. Also, by being upfront with the boys they’re comfortable to ask questions.”

Students raised money for the cause through a bake sale at the school. The entire experience served as a teaching tool to help students become service-minded, an important message imparted at Camelot campuses.

There’s one more task to finish off the month, making pink tutus. Tutus? You may not be aware that tutus are a thing in Pensacola. They are very popular at fund-raising events like 5K races. Random runners will wear them over their running suits.

“This was an idea that the girls came up with,” Venturi said. “They learned how to make them themselves, figured out the pricing for the materials and then had to present the proposal to Mr. Maxwell (the school’s executive director). Members of Girls Circle will be allowed to wear them to the school’s first-ever pep rally this week. When people ask them why they’re wearing a pink tutu they can say it’s to promote breast cancer awareness.”

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