Camden Camelot Students Named ‘Remarkable Grads’

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Camden City School District’s ‘Remarkable Graduates’

On June 9th, four Camelot Education students were recognized as part of the 2016 group of “Remarkable Graduates” from the Camden City School District. Camden City Transitional Academy’s Adriana Concepcion, Camden High Excel Academy’s  Giancarlos Perez and Woodrow Wilson’s Amir Anderson and Marvin Williams were honored.

The event, which was held at Camden County College, was hosted by La Mega’s Ahora Si radio show host Marilyn Rodriguez, and Rutgers-Camden Chancellor Phoebe Haddon was the keynote speaker.

The School District started the Remarkable Graduates awards in 2014 to recognize the extraordinary obstacles some students persevere through in order to earn their high school diploma and develop postsecondary plans.

More on each Camelot recipients is below; for full coverage of the ceremony, see’s “Meet Camden’s 20 ‘Remarkable Graduates’ who beat the odds.’

Amir Anderson, Woodrow Wilson Accelerated Program

 Accepted to Coppin State University and Camden County College Readiness Program

IMG_4394“Always a good student growing up, as a freshman Amir Anderson struggled to make good choices with the new found freedoms of high school life. Roaming the halls and cutting class quickly turned into skipping school and getting in trouble with the law. Amir’s parents sent him away to live with relatives in order to escape the streets. After stays with family members in Georgia, Delaware, and Winslow, New Jersey, Amir returned to Camden to complete his education. However, being home was a gift and a curse. Tempted by old friends and negative influences, Amir had a few setbacks before finally putting his old life behind him and recommitting to his education. With the support and encouragement of his teachers at Camelot’s Woodrow Wilson Excel Academy, Amir made up his lost credits and secured a full-time job. Today Amir works at Macy’s and is deciding whether to attend Coppin State University or the Camden County College Readiness Program this fall.”


Adriana Concepcion, Camelot’s Camden City Transitional Academy

Attending Camden County Community College


“From traveling through tough neighborhoods to school each day, to consistently caring for her nine siblings, it took Adriana Concepcion incredible determination and focus to achieve her high school diploma. Since joining Camelot’s Camden City Transitional Academy, Adriana has consistently improved her attendance, academics, and overall attitude towards life. Rather than focusing on the obstacles ahead of her, Adriana chooses to remain positive to strive toward greatness. She greets her peers and teachers each morning with a smile, and aspires to be a professional hair stylist serving her community. Adriana will attend Camden County Community College this fall to further her education and continue working toward a brighter future.”




Giancarlos C. Perez, Camelot’s Camden High Accelerated Program.

Attending Pierce College


“A Camden native, Giancarlos C. Perez set a goal early on to one day move away from Camden and see what else the world has to offer. Faced with both academic and social challenges, Giancarlos made a few decisions early in his high school career that put his goals in jeopardy. Rather than allowing a few poor decisions to define him as a person, Giancarlos decided to focus on the future and use school and sports to help him achieve his dreams. Giancarlos signed up to volunteer at a local food shelter, and channeled his energy onto the field as a tremendous Camden High School football player. Giancarlos inspires his peers to reach their full potential by setting a positive example and leveraging his natural leadership skills. Giancarlos has been awarded a scholarship to attend Pierce College in Los Angeles, where he will play football and further his education.”



Marvin Williams, Camelot’s Woodrow Wilson Accelerated Program.

Accepted to Cheyney University, Rowan University and Camden County Community College

IMG_4387“Marvin Williams is the epitome of a hard worker. However, he overcame much to get to this point. By the time he was in middle school, Marvin’s parents had separated and hardships hit his home heavily. All of a sudden he lived in a single parent home and was forced to move from place to place. Living in four towns in two years wreaked havoc on Marvin’s academics, and he was retained twice. When he moved back to Camden, Marvin joined the Camelot Woodrow Wilson Excel Academy to recover lost credits and get back on track. With the support of his mother, teachers, and coaches, today Marvin is a standout student. He is a popular football player and track star who’s been accepted to Cheyney University, Rowan University, and the Camden County College Readiness Program. He plans to study business and accounting at college this fall.”



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