Camelot Academy Shows Potential Career Paths with Cosmetology Studio

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Students in the Camelot Academy Cosmetology Studio

Students attending Camelot Academy in Philadelphia are provided additional structure and attention they need, after having trouble in public school settings. Thanks to an innovative program at the transitional school, some students are also getting a jump start in a career in cosmetology.

“Part of getting students back on track involves changing their mindset and presenting them with opportunities for the future,” Maurice Kelley, Executive Director of Camelot Academy says.

To help provide students with a look at potential career paths and additional motivation, Kelley began construction on a full cosmetology studio in the school. The studio is outfitted with manikins for each student, washing stations, dryers and salon chairs.IMG_8438

“Having a cosmetology studio onsite allows students who might already have a slight interest in being a stylist to further explore that as a possible career path,” Kelley said. “It is also a motivator – they know that if this is something they want to do, they have to finish high school in order to go on to hair school.”

IMG_7430Once Kelley finally finished the salon, he had to find someone who could execute the program. That’s when he met Myisha Miller.

“Myisha was the perfect fit for this program. With over 20 years of experience as a stylist and salon owner she knows the ins and outs of the business and the type of foundational knowledge you need to eventually be successful in beauty school in the future,” Kelley said.

Students aren’t receiving their cosmetology license in this class. IMG_1860However, Myisha says her curriculum is designed to teach what they wouldn’t learn in hair school. “Because the space is designed to be a classroom on one side and a studio on the other, I am able to discuss the history of the industry, how to be an entrepreneur, and the importance of professionalism.”

Currently, each class has fewer than 10 students, which allows Miller to provide more individualized attention.

“I hope to provide students with the opportunity to explore the field, and if they like it, I want to teach them the skills to one day be the best at it,” Miller said.

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