Camelot Chicago Marks “Pi” Day with Math Competition

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Camelot’s accelerated programs in Chicago held their annual “Pi” Day on March 14th. You get it, right? Pi = 3.14. If you took math in high school you probably recognize the symbol for Pi, .

Three years ago a math teacher at the Englewood campus, Mr. Dane Stier, came up with the idea of using Pi Day to hold a math competition with students representing the four campuses.

“Proficiency in mathematics sets our students up with the necessary problem solving and data analysis skills for the 21st century,” said Excel Academy of Englewood Executive Director Kevin Sweetland. “Pi Day is a wonderful way to add some friendly competition and camaraderie among all our campuses while practicing these skills. It is a great celebration of our students’ talents as well as recognition for the hard work they put in on a daily basis.”

The event lasts two hours. Four students per team receive a series of three math problems to be solved within a 30-minute time limit, then to be presented in front a panel of Camelot math teachers for judging and scoring.

Mrs. Melonie Smith, a third-year teacher at Englewood, took over the role of coordinator and coach this year and led Englewood to a first place victory! That’s her with the winning students along with Mr. Sweetland.

Others in the photo from L-R include: Lanya Nickerson, Juanita Kennerly, Yoquan Williams, Eric Freison and Matthew Obrzut.

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