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Camelot Chief Executive Officer Andrew Morrison issued the following statement regarding Camelot’s adherence to the Chicago Board of Education’s procurement processes:

“We strongly disagree with the findings presented in the Inspector General’s report regarding the 2012-2014 procurement period, as it omits several important facts that would have resulted in an accurate report and a different conclusion. We competed for and won the Board of Education’s contract fairly and on our merits. The fact is we were awarded the contracts based on our outstanding performance and the Chicago Board of Education selected us in succeeding years to operate additional programs, based on our programs’ tremendous results.  Camelot runs some of the highest performing schools in the District, using CPS’ own measures, and together with the support of our CPS partners, we have graduated over 1,000 students who would likely not have achieved their high school diplomas.

The IG’s recommendations are disproportionate to the truth and they are based on findings that are inaccurate. We are aware that Chicago Public Schools has issued a statement with their intention to initiate “debarment” proceedings. Our goal and intent is to continue to serve our Chicago students and parents. We look forward to meeting with the Chicago Board of Education and presenting the clear and relevant facts and circumstances, as we are confident it will absolve us of the accusations presented by the IG.  We believe that once the Board of Education is presented with accurate information it will reconsider its position.”

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