Kila Washington – Excel Academy the Right Recipe

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Kila Washington is on her way to becoming a chef. Her recipe for moving onto culinary school included catching up and graduating from Camelot’s Excel Academy of Englewood in Chicago.

Kila says she attended “ten, maybe more high schools. Personal reasons and family issues got in the way.”

Her parents did not graduate high school and she was determined to achieve a different outcome for herself.

“I’m actually doing something where no one in my family has ever done or ever tried to accomplish,” she says. “I give myself a huge pat on the back for that.”

Through Excel Academy, she joined a program that has already landed her a food handling license.

Kila says she owes her success and accomplishments to the people at Excel Academy and feels she would not be where she is now without the help of Camelot Education. Now she is helping other students who are in the same position she was in just a short time ago.

Watch her video here.



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