Who Let the Dog Out? Camelot’s Southeast Delco KAPS Program

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Camelot’s KAPS program in the Southeast Delco School District (just outside of Philadelphia) has found a new way to bring students some extra love and emotional support – a Golden Labrador Retriever.

The dog belongs to the school’s executive director, Drew Stem, who says his pooch is great with the kids. It’s no wonder. “Labs” are known to be gentle, friendly, family- oriented, trustworthy and intelligent. They are also perfect as playmates to children and naturally affectionate and kind.

That makes Mr. Stem’s dog a very welcomed visitor among his KAPS students.

This is Camelot’s first year in Southeast Delco, serving students with social and emotional needs in grades K-12. Students were previously bused to a location 25 miles away. The District wanted to serve these students closer to home and with a highly trusted provider, which they found in Camelot.

Camelot’s therapeutic day schools in Illinois have had positive experiences with pet therapy. While his dog is not trained in pet therapy, judging by the young students’ response the pooch seems to be doing just fine. 


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