Camelot Chicago Transitional Student Lamarria Garrett Already Taking College Courses

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Many Camelot students have expressed a lack of interest or fear of attending college, because they do not know what to expect.  Also, many of our students are among the first in their families to even consider going to college. Nevertheless, because of Camelot Safe Academy’s strong college and career readiness focus, our students began to express more and more interest. Among them is Lamarria Garrett who was able to successfully enroll in Harold Washington College, while still a student at Camelot Safe Academy in Chicago. She is now earning college credits as a high school senior!

“I attend the Dual Enrollment program at Harold Washington College,” Lamarria says. “Overall, I really enjoy the program. It is different from a traditional high school setting. Currently, I am taking the Juvenile Justice Class in preparation to help me become a lawyer. I am grateful to the staff at Camelot Safe Academy for helping me get into Harold Washington College. I am now excited about going to college full time.  Most importantly, I am excited about my life after college!”

Students like Lamarria Garrett inspire Camelot’s staff to do everything possible to help students choose the right path, graduate and advance.


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