Camelot Partnership with Camden Bringing Astounding Graduation Results

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Graduating students from Woodrow Wilson Excel Academy in Camden.

Woodrow Wilson Excel Academy graduates and staff at Camelot Education’s 2017 mid-year graduation.

The partnership between the Camden City School District and Camelot Education has led to stunningly successful results in preventing students from dropping out and leading to a steadily increasing graduation rate. When the partnership began in 2012, only about half (49%) of the District’s students were graduating on time (in four years).  That graduation rate has now climbed to almost 70% (69.6%).

More than 15% of the most recent graduating class (69 out of 448) attended a Camelot program. These are students who had either dropped out or fallen way behind in their studies, or in some cases gotten into trouble over behavioral issues. While the District has made excellent gains in student achievement since 2012, it has greatly accelerated the graduation rate by partnering with Camelot to address the needs of the most at-risk students.

Camelot’s programs operate in designated spaces in both Camden and Woodrow Wilson High Schools, allowing students to attend Camelot’s programs within the same building they would normally attend.

“The Camden City School District deserves tremendous accolades for improving its four-year graduation rate from 49% to 70% in four years, and we are extremely proud of the contribution we have made in helping the District climb to the level,” said Camelot Vice President Kevin Deal. “Importantly, the District’s drop-out rate has declined from 20% in 2012 to now below 15%, another indication that this partnership is accomplishing exactly what the District hoped it would.”

Camelot is able to make up for lost time by having students take classes that are longer than normal school class so they can complete a full grade in half a year (90 days instead of 180). These extended-length classes are called block scheduling. Camelot students are not able to take as many electives as the comprehensive high school, with the focus on the core subject areas of math, science, English etc. These students still take electives but the catalogue is much narrower.

In addition to the four-year graduates, Camelot also is able to help students who have dropped out and returned too late, to graduate as soon after their four-year classmates as possible. But the emphasis is on identifying students who have fallen behind early enough to transfer them into the Camelot program.

Camelot, which has graduated 375 students since beginning our partnership with CCSD in SY11-12, celebrated the graduation of 40 students on Feb. 3rd.

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