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A group of elementary school students from Camelot’s Enlightenment Academy in Chester, PA went fishing recently, a first for most of the little guys. They fished at Linvilla Orchards, a 300-acre farm in near-by Media. The site is dedicated to agriculture, entertainment and education and the youngsters had such a wonderful time they say they can’t wait to return.

“Once a month we take groups of students to different places,” said Brian Warren, program manager at Enlightenment Academy. “We chose this location because it was an opportunity for the children to get close to nature and learn more about the natural environment. For some of them, it was the first time they’d ever gone fishing. They learned how to hook the bait, cast a line and how to fish safely. Of course, everything they caught, they had to put back because that’s part of Linvilla Orchards’ program. They still had a wonderful time, although some were upset because they didn’t catch anything.”Warren also said it was beneficial for the children to be in a different environment. Linvilla Orchards is only ten minutes away from the school.

Enlightenment Academy is a therapeutic day school that has about 50 students in need of emotional support or help with behavior issues. They have four classes a day and see a therapeutic counselor once a week. Once a week they engage in a group session, also with a certified counselor.The academy is an early educational therapeutic and behavioral model for young students in grades K-6 experiencing significant difficulties with appropriate behavior that impedes their ability to take advantage of their regular education program. Each student receives individual counseling and therapeutic group sessions led by licensed social workers.“I didn’t catch anything because I wasn’t able to go on the trip; I had some administrative things to take care of at the school and there were some students who weren’t able to go because of their ratings levels,” Warren said. He explained that the students have to attain a certain trust level before they can go on field trips. Once they reach a certain level, they get to go along for the fun. “We’re planning to take them to the circus or the aquarium next.”

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