The Camelot Approach

Relationships Are the Key

Camelot Education is the leading provider of trauma-informed education services in partnership with school districts across the United States. Our SEL-immersive work starts by recognizing that trauma is everywhere. Every child, regardless of socioeconomic status, racial background, living in urban, suburban, or rural neighborhoods, can experience trauma that can impact their ability to engage successfully in school and life.

Our unique trauma-informed model of systems, tools, and supports recognizes that children who are experiencing trauma rely on solid relationships with trusted adults to help them cope and fully engage in life. The hallmark of Camelot Education is the building and maintaining of the crucial connections our students need to help maintain a sense of safety and belonging.

Transforming Lives

Our unique model provides an emphasis on creating a positive-normative culture, a dedicated focus on academics, and a personalized, caring environment that re-engages our students and helps them take ownership of their education. Regardless of a student’s history or prior academic performance our team works tirelessly to ensure that they provide each student with meaningful and transferable skills.

The theories & practices powering our model

At the heart of our signature approach is an essential set of theories, practices, and tools. Camelot Education’s unique school design framework reflects scientific research and represents nearly two decades of practical, real-world implementation. These core elements represent a replicable, scalable, and flexible school design model that helps districts strengthen their schools by creating a student-centered culture of engagement and belonging that fosters deeper relationships and improved academic achievements.

    • Whole-child Approach–identify and address student needs with a caring, nurturing posture
    • Immersive Social-emotional Learning–develop meaningful relationships and engagement while developing self-awareness, self-management, pro-social skills, and responsible decision making
    • Student Voice and Student Agency–develop goals and purpose along with communication and self-advocacy skills to help achieve them; contribute to and help re-enforce pro-social norms in and outside of school
    • Trauma-informed Practices–move students from a survival mindset (i.e., fight, flight, freeze) to a learning mindset
    • Evidence-based Pedagogy–universal instructional strategies to improve student engagement

Meeting each student where they are

We level the playing field by meeting each of our students at their level of need. We work with students daily to teach and model the principles of pro-social behavior and restorative practice. Our evidence-based approach gives students important tools and life skills, such as positive peer counseling and conflict mediation, so they can engage, adjust their behaviors, positively influence their peers, and prepare for the world outside our doors. Through this model, which is customizable based on grade level and cognitive ability, students are taught self-worth, self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, social awareness, and relationship skills.

In short, we believe that in order to impact a student’s academic progress, we must first address a student’s social-emotional needs, a tenet we believe is a precondition to effective student academic progress.

Accreditations & Professional Affiliations

In 2014, Camelot Education received full accreditation from the Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools for alternative education, and we are affiliated with education associations nationwide.


The Middle States Association

Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools


Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges



National Association of Special Education Teachers


National Association of Private Special Education Centers


Illinois Association of Private Special Education Centers


Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents


California Association of African American Superintendents and Administrators


The Urban Collaborative

SEL Providers Council

National Dropout Prevention Center

For communities and constituents

Creating positive change & value in our neighborhoods

Camelot Education is a contributing partner and value-added resource to the communities we serve. Our students and staff work with community leaders, families, and educators to create value and positive change. Together, we strengthen and improve the communities we serve.

We develop meaningful partnerships with community organizations and neighbors:

  • “Communities cannot tell the difference between school organizations that enter and serve our community, but Camelot’s Excel Academies on Chicago’s south side have made an impact. The staff cherishes the student population. They have created a network for family and community engagement.”

    Joyce Chapman Community Organizer, Chicago

For school officials

Delivering remarkable outcomes and significant value to our partners

Over nearly two decades, Camelot Education, a leading K-12 trauma-informed education solutions provider, has partnered with public school districts around the country, successfully re-engaging students in their education by helping them overcome social, emotional, and academic challenges in their lives, resulting in improved life and educational outcomes.

Our full range of solutions are tailored to the varying needs of our district partners and their students. We have a proven track record for helping public school district’s most vulnerable students succeed academically, socially, and emotionally. Partnering with Camelot is also a responsible use of public funds, as Camelot typically achieves for the district vastly improved results and at less cost than what the school district was previously spending to serve these students themselves or through another provider.

Our partnership-oriented approach provides:

  • High return on investment
  • Measurable outcomes
  • Transparent tracking and reporting
  • Open dialogue and feedback

The future starts now

Contact our team to find out how Camelot Education can partner with your students, staff, district, and community to achieve positive, measurable change.