Camelot Education is deeply committed to the academic achievement, social and life success of our nation’s most underserved students. With our social emotional learning-centered school design model, our work focuses on helping school districts support students who are grappling with the effects of extreme poverty, trauma, and insecurity. Often these students struggle to engage successfully in school or have already disengaged from the educational process.

Camelot’s services include a full range of solutions tailored to the varying needs of our district partners, including:

  • Setting up and operating high-performing schools for our district partners;
  • Organizing and running classrooms or programs embedded in the district’s existing schools;
  • Embedding key staff to help districts address acute challenges; and
  • Providing comprehensive professional learning solutions to help the district’s existing staff develop a stronger school culture of connection, belonging, engagement, and academic achievement for their most challenged students.

In partnership with our school district partners, our students’ success demonstrates that Camelot excels in re-engaging students and helping them deal with and overcome the social, emotional, and academic challenges in their lives, resulting in proven and improved life and educational outcomes.



Our work is categorized in three distinct types of alternative education programs:

Empowering Students for Success


Transitional programs serve students, grades 6-12, who have been removed from their program for serious behavioral violations.
Students enter these programs for a specific and limited amount of time. During this time, we provide them with an instructional program that supports academic remediation and helps get them back on track for promotion and graduation.
Our programs strive to give students behavioral tools and strategies to help them make decisions different from the ones that led them to their suspension or expulsion, so that when they return to campus, they can enjoy an education free of behavioral referrals or incidents. We also keep students on track for grade promotion through a robust academic curriculum.

Accelerating Students to Excellence


Accelerated programs are schools of choice that serve middle and high school students who are vulnerable of dropping out or have already disengaged from school.
All courses needed to meet district and state requirements are offered. Student progress and achievement is evaluated using third-party assessments and the state’s and district’s own independent measures (including MAP, Star 360 (IL), and TABE).
In addition to helping students earn their high school diploma, Camelot’s accelerated high school programs prioritize post-secondary exposure and planning to guide and support students after they graduate. All graduates are required to have a verified post-graduation plan of employment, admission to a 2-year or 4-year college or acceptance into the military.

Opportunity for Exceptional Students


Therapeutic Day Schools serve a range of students, ages 3-22, whose Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams have determined that the student’s IEP cannot be implemented with all of the necessary supports in the student’s home school and, consequently, need a dedicated special education setting.
Camelot’s guiding principle is that instruction for special needs students should always occur in the least restrictive learning environment possible. We strive to achieve lasting behavioral change through positive supports and clinical interventions.
Our program ensures that students meet or exceed the goals outlined in their IEP. Student therapy is continual to allow seamless integration with daily lesson plans and the learning process. We also promote vocational opportunities which allow our older students to secure a job in the community upon completion of the program.