Accelerated Instructional Programs

Giving students a unique option to complete the path to graduation

Camelot Education’s Accelerated Instructional Programs offer proven, effective, and impactful educational programs that give a district’s most disconnected students an opportunity to re-engage in school. Students achieve significantly improved academic outcomes, including upward progression and high school graduation.

Accelerated Instructional Programs serve middle and high school students who:

  • are behind in credit accumulation or grade level,
  • risk not advancing with their cohort, or
  • risk not advancing to or graduating from high school on time or at all.

Our Approach

Empowering students to take charge of their education

Our approach begins by developing meaningful relationships with each student to understand their individual needs, challenges, and strengths. We then provide care, support, and counseling to address the often broad and significant challenges our students grapple with outside of school. We help our students develop coping and problem-solving skills as well as identify and implement solutions to help them focus on learning. When students feel safe, secure, protected, and loved, they become empowered to take charge of their education and future and can begin to fulfill their learning potential.

Camelot Education’s Philadelphia seniors describe how Camelot has helped them find success and a path to graduation.

Accelerated Programs 2018-19



Verified Post-Secondary Plan


Camelot Key Program Features:

Credit acquisition

Grade-level promotion

Volunteer & community service

Senior project portfolios


Post-secondary preparation

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