Camelot’s Transitional programs serve students in need of a temporary placement due to behavioral or disciplinary infractions.

The Center for Equity and Excellence in Education reports inextricable links between poor student behavior and future dropouts.

The factors known as the ABC’s – are the strongest predictors of dropping out and are often interrelated:

Source: Center for Equity and Excellence in Education – Beyond Indicators: An Integrated School-Level Approach to Dropout Prevention, 2009.

Unaddressed disruptive behavior presents a strong correlation with poor academic success and life outcomes:

Percent of all dropouts that happen in the ninth grade


Percent of U.S. jobs a high school dropout is not eligible for:


Source: Education Week, Children Trends Database March 17th, 2015

Transitional school Student testimony:

“Growing up in a single parent home we had a choice, streets or education. I know a few people that took the streets and are never coming home. That was my motivation to get my act together.”

Andrew Brouchet, Houston, TX
10th Grade Student Government


Our Transitional programs:
Employ the same curriculum and assessments that students are using in their home school
Align to our school partner’s scope and sequence
Provide an avenue for remediation and acceleration
Keep students on track for promotion and graduation
Ensure required course credit accumulation
Provide skill development in leadership, positive peer relations, teamwork, and accountability
Transition students to their home campus with the tools needed to interact positively with peers and adults

Our proven model integrates behavior and academics, creating an active and intentional positive normative culture focused on restorative practices, leadership, accountability, teamwork, and academic success.

We work closely with students, parents and our school partners to ensure that every student transitions back to their home school successfully as evidenced by:
Improved attendance
Improved behavior and citizenship
Improved academics

Camelot’s Transitional Program promoted 91%
of students to the next grade level in 2015-2016