Camelot of Escambia Student Receives Full Scholarship to Florida A&M

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Camelot of Escambia County star student Aubrey Lister has been accepted to Florida A&M University. What makes Aubrey’s story unusual is that although he is not African American he will be attending a Historically Black College.

Camelot is a school for students who hit a rough patch in their behavior at their regular high school. The Escambia County School District refers students to Camelot to get the social and emotional support they need to get their behavior back on track so they can return to their high school and graduate.

But Aubrey, who arrived at Camelot last March, is staying all the way through graduation in May.

As it happens, Camelot’s executive director Andrew Maxwell and Chris Wooten, the school’s Director of Operations, both graduated from Florida A&M. Aubrey, who has lived with his legal guardians since he was five, has clearly bonded with the school’s leaders.

“My experience at Camelot has been great,” he says. “The staff has been amazing. The personal connection the teachers and staff have with you, the personal input they try to tag onto your life. It’s been awesome.”

Aubrey is planning to major in Theater. He also plans to pledge the Omega Psi Phi fraternity – the same fraternity Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Wooten are in. That means one day in the near future, one of their students will be one of their brothers.

“I told Aubrey when he applied, if you get accepted you’re going to make me the proudest sponsor ever.”

L to R: Mr. Chris Wooten, Aubrey Lister, Mr. Andrew Maxwell

Camelot is going to help Aubrey shop for his college supplies and help him in any way they can.

“We’ll be following this kid at least until he graduates from college,” Maxwell said.

“My guardians were not thrilled with my choice at first but the more I heard about it, the more Mr. Maxwell and Mr. Wooten talked about it, the more I liked it. So I applied and ended up getting in.”

Aubrey clearly has a great future ahead. In a world with too much racial conflict he is setting an example of how all us should respect one another.

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