Many students pass through our doors with histories of hardship and heartache; however, they find success within our walls.
Watch our alumni talk about how their high school experience with Camelot changed their lives for the better. Now, they’re not only surviving, but thriving and acting as mentors to others in their communities.

Diarah Harden

Camelot Graduate, 2015
Aspiring Entrepreneur & Leader of Chicago Women’s Coalition
Diarah is the first to admit that she was a troubled teen, but with a little help, she was able to get back on track. She is now pursuing a degree and career in education so she can help students just like her! Watch Diarah share how her experiences have led her to mentor young women in her community.

Angel Buckley

Camelot Graduate, 2014
Small Business Owner & Aspiring Lawyer
To Angel, education has always been important, but a situation caused her to leave school for six months. Listen to Angel share her perspective on perseverance and determination; both of which helped her become the first person in her family to attend college.

Tyjuan Lewis

Camelot Graduate, 2017
Aspiring Entrepreneur & Agriculturist

After falling a year behind in school, Tyjuan recognized he needed to make a change. Watch Tyjuan describe how he found his path to college after experiencing an incredible loss during high school.

Kila Washington

Camelot Graduate, 2017
Culinary Student & Aspiring Chef

Kila loves school, but she had a difficult time adjusting to the multiple high schools she attended. After finding a solid foundation at Camelot, she persevered to become the first person in her family to graduate from high school. Watch her inspirational journey to becoming a chef.

Raynard Gillispie

Camelot Graduate, 2015
Educator & Aspiring Author

After nearly losing his life to a violent attack, Raynard dropped out of school without plans to return, but something brought him back. Once he re-enrolled, he found a life-changing opportunity to act as a mentor to struggling students just like himself.

Jasmine Ellis

Camelot Graduate, 2017
Small Business Owner

A school suspension and multiple tragedies weighed on Jasmine during high school until she became inspired to take control of her life. Watch Jasmine discuss how her mentors helped her discover the path to success.

Aaliyah McCall

Camelot Graduate, 2015
Mother & Aspiring Radio Personality

Aaliyah struggled with depression early in high school and fell behind in her studies. After changing high schools, she found a family, inspiration, and a purpose. Watch how she discovered her vision with Camelot.