Camelot Achieving Dramatic Results in Richmond

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The Richmond School Board has voted to continue its partnership with Camelot following two years of dramatic improvement in academics at Spartan Academy.

The school’s math pass rate on state Standards of Learning tests rose to 58 percent last year from just eight percent for 2015-16. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports similar gains across the other three core subjects: English, history, and science.

“This kind of improvement is partially made possible by motivating kids to come to school,” said Camelot VP Milton Alexander. “We’ve increased attendance. We have also revamped the academic environment. We increased participation and content planning time for our teachers so they have the ability to work with each other and do cross-curriculum planning. We’ve also had more teachers attend residencies in Philadelphia to learn our comprehensive Common Instructional Framework.”The number of students with attendance rates of 90% or more has quadrupled and the number of “student incidents” has decreased by 70%. As the climate and culture of the school have improved, students are acting out less and significantly improving their educational achievement.

“Since we partnered with RPS two years ago we have seen students’ attitudes improve tremendously,” Alexander noted. “Our student leaders have worked together with our team to help improve kids’ ability to deal with aggression and traumatic situations.

There’s more trust with the adults in the building. We give our kids opportunities for enrichment programming and field trip opportunities alongside helping them prepare academically.”

Spartan Academy serves 175 middle and high school students at any one time, referred to the program because they violated the code of conduct at their regular school. In addition to the impressive progress Camelot has made for the district’s students, it saved the district $1 million compared to what the same program previously cost.

Alexander said Camelot plans to do even more to build over the first two years in Richmond.

“We want to continue to build upon our partnerships with community organizations and service providers to support students with things like workforce development, trauma-informed care services, and enrichment programs. We also want to continue to expose our students to the rich African American history that is in and around the city of Richmond.”

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