Camelot Graduate Awarded Scholarship to Johnson & Wales

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Camelot Excel Academy of South Shore graduate and student government member, Unique Love has been accepted to Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. In addition, Unique, who is 16 years old, has been awarded the university’s Presidential Academic Scholarship which provides her with $20,000 per year for up to four years.

“Was I surprised when I learned about this? Overwhelmed is more like it,” said Unique. “I wanted to get away from home and see new places. Johnson & Wales was the perfect opportunity. I’ve always been a confident person, and while I was ecstatic to receive this scholarship, I believed I would be recognized for my accomplishments. I worked hard. I learned you have to work for everything you get. My family is definitely happy for me.”

Camelot Excel Academy of South Shore is an accelerated school-of-choice for students, ages 15-21 years old, who have fallen behind in their studies. Students can earn up to 5 credits per semester and 10 credits per year. This allows students to graduate in two and a half years or less. Camelot’s Excel Academies are dedicated to creating a challenging, academically rigorous, and safe environment for all students.

“When I first came to South Shore, it was to boost how quickly I would graduate high school. I wanted an accelerated program,” she said. Unique will be majoring in public relations and plans on starting her own business eventually. “The school was a little overwhelming at first, but I really liked the teachers, and I saw I was surrounded by a lot of smart people.”

According to Anthony Haley, executive director of Excel Academy of South Shore, Unique was awarded the scholarship because her GPA and SAT scores met the criteria of Johnson & Wales University during the admissions process.

“Unique is very mature for her age,” Haley said. “She is the calming voice of student government and is frequently called upon to give words of wisdom to her peers as well as represent Excel Academy of South Shore in many ways. Her scores allowed her to stand out to not only be accepted, but be awarded this scholarship,” Haley said. “Unique is our campus’ valedictorian, so our resource team and staff of educators were not in disbelief when we found out. She has been an amazing student at Excel Academy of South Shore. This scholarship really helps her continue her great education, as this particular university is expensive.”

Haley said that Unique arrived at Excel Academy of South Shore as a quiet student. She was always great academically, but her peers thought she was disengaged because she stayed to herself. She started to get comfortable at the school after a few months and really began to open up.

“She opened up towards her peers and expressed that she had a love of singing,” he said. “Everyone was in shock when she finally sang in front of the student body, parents, and visitors during the school’s talent show. That moment showed her growth at Excel Academy. She has socially flourished since then. It took her a little time to warm up to the environment, like most of our students, because our structure can be quite a culture change. But from our perspective, Unique always possessed natural leadership skills because she makes plenty of the right decisions in front of her peers.”

Congratulations, Unique!

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