Camelot Education’s Mastery Camden KAPS Student MVP Continues Academic Performance During Pandemic Circumstances

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This photo was taken before the school buildings in New Jersey closed in March.

Despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has forced school buildings across the country to close, most school-age children are being taught remotely and carry on their education from home. Some, like Camelot Education fifth-grader Jayen Nieves, continue to excel.

As school districts across the nation began shuttering buildings, the faculty and staff of Camelot’s Mastery Camden KAPS program in New Jersey swiftly went into action prepping educational packets to support students learning at home. While most of the packets were mailed to homes, some students and their families picked them up before the school closed. Jayen’s mother was one of the first at the school.

Jayen not only completed his packet of initial assignments but is already asking for more.

“He is consistently an MVP,” said his teacher, Rafelle Perry. “Even though students are not in the physical school, the work of teaching must continue. Modern technology and the internet has made it possible to reach students in ways that did not exist in earlier times.”

Perry continued, “We use a lot of video conferencing. I chat with Jayen and all of my students all of the time. That’s important because they’re used to being with us. I am definitely proud of how well Jayen is doing academically, as he is progressing along with all students. They’re not letting the current crisis hold them back.”

Camelot’s Mastery Camden KAPS is an Elementary Early Intervention (EEI) program that provides students a social-emotional and clinical framework that meets their behavioral, academic, and cognitive needs and designs the learning environment to minimize triggers, resolve negative behaviors, teach replacement behaviors, foster academic growth, and reinforce therapeutic supports.

This photo was taken before the school buildings in New Jersey closed in March.

“Jayen was diagnosed with ADHD and KAPS has been a good fit for him,” said his mother, Alexis Nieves.  “He’s always been an enthusiastic learner. We have a reward system; if he works for a solid hour, he gets to do something he enjoys, like playing a video game.”

“Plus he’s really motivated to do well and move on. What’s really helpful is the support from the staff at his school. They were pretty fast with the creating the packets.”

The family does not have a computer at home, but Jayen is able to complete his online assignments and video chats with teachers using a smart phone. The school recently conducted a tech survey to identify families who need a computer and internet access.

“In addition to our educational efforts, we are also working to get computers to the families that need them,” said Megan Habbershon, education director for Mastery Camden KAPS.

Ms. Habbershon went on to say, “I wasn’t surprised to find out Jayen had completed his assignments as quickly as he did. He is consistently picked to be an MVP.”

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