Camelot Therapeutic Day School in Hoffman Estates, IL is featured in the Courier News!

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Fantastic article from the Courier News in Elgin, Illinois! Writers Emily McFarland Miller and Mike Danahey highlight the unique environment of the Camelot Therapeutic Day School in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, in an article titled “A (therapeutic) school away from schools.” The article details how the school creates the atmosphere of a normal school experience while catering to students with social, emotional and learning disabilities.  The school is split between students with severe disabilities and those with social and emotional disabilities.  The article also discusses how tuition costs reflect the school’s commitment to small class sizes and the placement of at least two teachers in each classroom, many of whom work one-on-one with students.  Additionally, the school employs an extensive support and service staff as well as many comprehensive therapeutic strategies.

The goal of our schools is to see progress in our students. Through activities such as poster hangings in classrooms, incentives for positive behavior and a morning townhouse meeting, we focus on a commitment to socialization and skill set development.  Many students who begin at five to seven years behind their age level leave our schools caught up.  Ultimately as this article explains, creating a normal school environment is the key to the success of our program, and in turn the success of our students.


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