Camelot’s Therapeutic Day School of Naperville Names Craig Reveter New Leader

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Craig Reveter, who has previously overseen Camelot Education’s Therapeutic Day Schools (TDS) of Belvidere and Mount Prospect, both in Illinois, is now taking the helm as executive director at Camelot’s Therapeutic Day School of Naperville.

“In each of the stops in his more than 10-year career with Camelot Education, he has elevated the programs he’s led,” said Camelot Education Deputy Superintendent for Therapeutic Day Schools, Theresa Mortl Smith. “Craig is a difference-maker in our schools and in the lives of children.”

Craig Reveter is passionate about helping children. He said that’s because he appreciates the help he was given in his own childhood.

“When I was a young man struggling in school, I had relatives, teachers, and other significant people, who were not my immediate family members, that really helped me,” he said. “In my senior year of high school, I also volunteered with children on the autism spectrum, and at that moment I was like wow, I really like this. When I went to college, I thought about a lot of possibilities regarding a career. I wanted to be an elementary education teacher, but I also wanted to be a nurse or possibly a police officer. My first job was as a counselor at a group home and then at a mental health hospital. The one thing I knew throughout my high school and college career was I wanted to serve.”

The moment of truth arrived when Reveter had two offers in front of him, one from the local police department and the other from Camelot Education.  “By the grace of God, the Camelot offer came just in time, and that’s the road I chose.”

Reveter took over as executive director at Camelot’s Therapeutic Day School of Mount Prospect in 2017, re-energized the program, and turned the school primarily into one serving students on the autism spectrum, similar to Camelot’s Northwest Center for Autism in Genoa, IL. By contrast, the Naperville campus, which he is now in charge of, is more geared toward helping students who grapple with emotional challenges – students who require additional support to enhance their behavioral and academic trajectories. Reveter plans to build on the school’s emphasis on academics and in particular STEAM, just as he did when he directed the TDS in Belvidere.

“Our students need extra care with their academics and a little more care with their social-emotional needs,” he said. “Emphasizing academics is especially important for our students because when they go back to their home schools, they will be aligned with what their home districts are teaching. We’re preparing our students for the kinds of careers that exist today. Most of our students are going to go into technology and education. We want to prepare them to go that route so when they are deciding to go to college or a trade school, they know exactly what they want to do based on what they learned here at our school. I call it our training ground.”

In addition to the STEAM emphasis, Reveter plans to expand Naperville’s already successful Adult Prep Program (APP), which prepares students for success after high school.  Many of the school’s APP teens work paying jobs at community businesses like local quick-service restaurants or hotels. He also plans to explore partnerships with post-secondary schools to streamline the process of graduating from Camelot’s program and going right into the local junior colleges and universities in the area. “We want to have an influence on our students that carries them into their post-secondary education. After they graduate, we can still be a resource for them,” he said.

Each of Camelot Education’s therapeutic campus serves students with defined needs, and each program customizes their offerings to meet the needs of children whose families are choosing Camelot. Camelot Therapeutic Day School of Naperville serves 36 school districts and about 110 students.

Reveter, who earned both his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Aurora University, said he has enjoyed his journey with Camelot.

“It’s been a long, fun journey. I feel like I grew up working with Camelot Education,” he said. “Camelot gave me a platform to express my vision within a school.  I worked with amazing teams at Belvidere and Mount Prospect, and everyone has helped me make my vision a reality, and I’m blessed to join another amazing team at the Naperville campus. At each stop, my teammates have challenged me and helped me along this process.  That’s what makes this job so much fun – to come to work every single day and see the students progressing and advancing based on what we’re doing for them. That’s a joy right there.”

One other benefit to Reveter in moving to Naperville – he’ll be close to home and can return to Aurora University to pursue his doctorate degree.


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