Delco Academy Offers Whole Child Services through a Partnership with the Crozer-Keystone Health Network

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At Camelot’s Delco Academy, a therapeutic school in Pennsylvania, there are no silos to separate the therapeutic care or academics of our students.

Delco Academy operates similarly to a community school – one that offers multiple health resources to families in a convenient location – by providing a host of therapeutic and medical services through the Crozer-Keystone Health Network and the Crozer-Chester Medical Center. Student’s prescribed therapeutic and medical plans are then adopted by Camelot’s academic, clinical, and behavioral teams so that everyone involved in the student’s success is working towards the same goal, using the same strategies, within the same building.

“For students to be academically successful, we have to address the whole picture,” said Delco Academy Clinical Director Simone Golden. “And the whole picture, especially for a child in a therapeutic school, includes looking at their home-life and which school support services can help address any issues. This requires that all of our teams actively communicate with each other.”

Delco Academy is a licensed outpatient clinic that offers daily, on-site clinical and therapeutic services for our students, as well as twice-weekly medication management services. This means the school serves as a one-stop-shop for our students’ families – one where they can speak with a psychiatrist about their child’s medication management and progress, receive written prescriptions, speak with a therapist, or attend a family therapy session all in the same location where their child attends school. Offering these services in school makes it extremely convenient for families to attend every medical appointment, allowing for on-time, continuous, integrated care.

The model also leads to robust solutions that teachers, therapists and support staff use to facilitate progress with students who come into the classroom with various behavioral or emotional challenges.

A licensed Crozer-Chester Medical Center psychiatrist visits Delco Academy’s campus once a week, and multiple full-time, licensed Crozer-Chester Medical Center therapists are on campus daily to assist our students in need. As the psychiatrist and therapists develop a student’s medication and therapeutic plan, they work hand-in-hand with Camelot’s academic, clinical, and behavioral teams to incorporate the prescribed clinical plan within the student’s individual campus plans. Simultaneously, the teams coach parents on how to implement their child’s treatment plan at home, allowing the student to be continually wrapped in supportive services.

Another critical element to the successful implementation of this model is the training and professional development of staff. Teachers don’t get this kind of multi-faceted education in college, so Camelot leaders commit to providing in-depth training to staff through professional development series and continual collaboration with peers. Having Crozer-Chester Medical Center staff on campus helps Camelot’s staff continually refine and enhance their own skills.

Learn more about Delco Academy here.


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