Food donations a lesson in community involvement for high school wrestlers

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Originally posted in Burlington County Times on November 24, 2020

Palmyra wrestling coach Zach Stosius (right) talks to members of the Panthers wrestling team at a donation drop off at the high school Friday. (CONTRIBUTED PHOTO)

Community outreach was one of the things Zach Stosius wanted to emphasize, when he took over as the Palmyra High School wrestling coach.

His message to the team from Day One was that it’s part of a larger community.

“Each year, we’ve looked for sponsors and looked to get people involved — putting logos on our shirts, and business addresses. It’s a nice way to keep communities and businesses involved in what we’re doing. When we get good, and the gym is packed, we’ll be advertising for them and they’ll be advertising for us.”

To get the team involved in serving the community, then, was the natural next step, and the coach set about working on that earlier this month; the Panthers wrestling team organized a food drive to benefit students of Camden Kaps, where Stosius works as a Specials Counselor.

“So far, everything we’ve done, we’ve done in the Palmyra community,” Stosius said. “But there’s already a huge effort in place there. The food banks in Palmyra are well taken care of. So I thought, why not do a food drive for the school where I work, and try to get my guys to get an understanding and feel of what it’s like to help people in need?”

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