For Pensacola’s New Police Chief it’s all in the Camelot Family

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(Pensacola, FL – August 28, 2015) The new police chief of Pensacola, FL, David Alexander III, has family ties to Camelot Academy of Escambia County.

Chief Alexander and Family

Chief Alexander and family – That’s Amber on the right.

When Alexander was sworn in this week as the first African American to head the department in its 184 year history, his daughter Amber Alexander, a social worker at Camelot was there to proudly look on. Not only that, but Camelot’s Director of Operations, Andrew Maxwell II, is the new chief’s nephew, and he plans to use these ties to bridge the gap between local law enforcement and at risk youth.

“I’ve always been proud of my father but this accomplishment just puts it over the top,” Amber Alexander says. “He’s always just had a heart for wanting to help people and I got that from watching him. And that’s why I am at Camelot.”

Chief Alexander and Mayor

Chief Alexander with Pensacola mayor Ashton Hayward

Camelot of Escambia County specializes in helping students who have gotten into trouble at their regular public school and in some cases come through the criminal justice system. Camelot’s mission, and one at which it has been very successful, is getting students back on track, both behaviorally and academically so that they can return to their regular school.

Amber, who holds a bachelor’s degree in criminology from the University of South Florida and a master’s in social work from the University of West Florida, is responsible for completing assessments when students first arrive, counseling, and intervening when a student has crisis issues. She also leads Girls Circle, a special bonding club. She says, like her police chief father, she wants to help.

“I want to be there for kids to help them along the way. If I can help stand in the gap for them that makes my life have meaning,” said Amber.

Chief Alexander has been at the Pensacola PD for more than 30 years, and according to his daughter his dream from the beginning was to make police chief. He held various positions along the way from sergeant to communications supervisor, to detective to head of community policing.

Chief Alexander and Maxwell

Chief Alexander with nephew, Camelot Director of Operations Andrew Maxwell II

The chief is also known for his involvement in the community; he participates in several different nonprofit organizations; and he’s had several “little brothers” in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program.

“For many years growing up I remember this extra little person coming along with my brother and me to different events; my dad is well immersed within the community,” Amber said.

Chief Alexander grew up in the Warrington area (of Pensacola), a rough section according to Amber and he had to work hard to make ends meet. She keeps his roots and her own in mind when doing her job.

“I just try to make sure that I treat our students with the same respect that I would want to be treated and that’s something that my dad does and he’s always instilled in us,” she says. “I always think about where I’ve been and where we’ve come from.”

Amber hopes her father’s ascension to become the first black police chief in Pensacola sends a strong, positive message.

Photo Captions

Top: Chief Alexander and family – That’s Amber on the right.

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