Camelot Education’s Mastery Camden KAPS Student MVP for May is a Natural Leader

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Despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has closed schools and students are learning lessons virtually, fifth-grader Aaron Revels has not missed a step. For this reason, Camelot Education Mastery Camden KAPS named him “Student MVP” for May.

Aaron’s teacher, Rafelle Perry, said the 11-year old is one of her best students, as he is always eager to take on his next assignment.

“He is a natural leader and a good example to the other students,” said Perry. “He is always the one to rally the other students. He is good at pulling together a team spirit to get his peers excited about school and is fantastic with his school assignments.”

Student MVP’s are selected based on the full and timely completion of all assignments. Perry also celebrates students who have made the most progress in math and literacy, and who demonstrate leadership qualities.

Perry and her teaching peers have adapted lessons for a virtual format, maintaining a full course load for students as distance learning continues. Equally important, the staff at Mastery Camden KAPS is maintaining a consistent level of support and outreach to ensure students’ social and emotional needs are met while students are away from the classroom.

“My teaching includes all of the subjects I would normally teach if I were in the classroom with my students,” said Perry. “Subjects include literacy intervention skills, reading, writing, math and science, social studies, and Group Guided Interaction, which allows the students to discuss current events, social issues, and other topics personal to them.”

Students like Aaron have maintained their enthusiasm under these new learning circumstances.

“Aaron’s enthusiasm is contagious,” she said. “He thrives in my class’s Zoom meetings and is in touch with me regularly through text message and phone calls. He turns in all of his completed work from the home instruction packets that I mail to him.”

For online instruction, Perry created a Google classroom account and an email for each student. She posts all assignments and due dates in the Google classroom, with reminders for students to log into their math and literacy websites daily. Aaron is a regular user of the math and reading websites and completes the online quizzes.

Aaron’s work ethic, enthusiasm, and leadership show the resilience of Camelot Education students during such a challenging time.

“I know Aaron cannot wait to tackle the next assignment that comes his way,” said Perry.

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