Mushroom project gets Cunningham Academy students back into the greenhouse

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Originally posted on DailyJournal on May 20, 2021

VINELAND – Cunningham Academy’s greenhouse provides staff and students with the opportunity to grow plants and vegetables year-round.

But this year, the students were unable to grow pansies as planned because of COVID-19’s impact on in-person learning.

However, regional director Matt Kass wanted to find a way for the students to get back into the greenhouse, once they returned to in-person learning.

Kass, a forager himself, had the idea to have students inoculate logs and grow shitake mushrooms.

This project allowed for cross-curriculum activity. For example, one teacher added the topic to his science lessons and his classes explored different aspects of mushrooms, including how they grow, and how they can be used for a business.

Trey Rosas, a student who participated in the project, said he learned about the science, medicinal and culinary use of mushrooms.

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