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Andrew Morrison

Chief Executive Officer

Andrew joined Camelot Education in December 2017. Leveraging his extensive, multifaceted background in education, business, technology, finance, and law, Andrew spent the last two decades successfully serving as the President and CEO of a variety of education companies. With a passion for social justice and the belief that education is the great equalizer, he has dedicated much of his career working on behalf of our nation’s most vulnerable students and the adults who serve them.

Andrew has a uniquely broad perspective on education, having led, scaled, and launched a number of successful companies within the education sector, including language and literacy, distance learning, staff development, education technology, and special education. He has been honored to also serve as an advisor to policy leaders at the state and federal level, to investors in education and technology sectors, to educators on school and curriculum design, and to industry leaders and other education CEOs. Andrew is the founder of the 1859 Foundation, a not-for-profit that makes education and employment-related grants for striving young people from vulnerable communities and is a school board member of Deerfield Public School District 109 in Illinois. 

Prior to his career in education, Andrew worked as a lawyer at the firm Skadden Arps and as an investment banker at DLJ. He has a law degree from the University of California-Berkeley and an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago. 

Andrew is the proud father of four children, enjoys nature, literature, and live music. He raises Monarch butterflies, speaks Spanish, and is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.