Our Mission
Camelot Academy of Santa Rosa serves students who have an array of exceptional needs. Our programs provide individualized attention and a curriculum that is based on each student’s cognitive ability, learning style, and interest. The goal for students who attend Camelot Academy of Santa Rosa is to make progress on their individual goals and objectives as stated in their Individual Education Plan (IEP) so they may reintegrate to a less restrictive environment as soon as possible.

High School Dropout Prevention Program
Each student at Camelot Academy of Santa Rosa will be evaluated on academic growth and progression towards goals needed to graduate high school. Students who need additional services and support will have academic progress monitored to determine if General Educational Development (GED) certification would benefit the student in achieving their academic goals. Students attending Camelot Academy of Santa Rosa will be on the 18-credit graduation option.

Camelot Academy of Santa Rosa will offer leadership skills classes for our high school students. If an IEP committee determines a student has a need for independent living or social skills instruction Camelot Academy of Santa Rosa will work to provide these options to students whether through classroom instruction or through community-based agencies.

Camelot Academy of Santa Rosa will establish partnerships with community-based day training programs that will allow students to increase their current level of vocational and academic skills related to employment. Community based programs will help students adapt to new staff and new environmental stimuli in the adult day training program. Students will be able to follow directions, complete work tasks in a timely manner, and become more proficient using technology.

Early Elementary Intervention Program (EEI)
Camelot Academy of Santa Rosa’s program is an early educational therapeutic and behavioral program for young students in Kindergarten through fifth grade who are exhibiting significant behaviors that impede their ability to participate in the traditional classroom environment. Camelot Academy of Santa Rosa’s EEI program affords students smaller classes, more individual attention in a nurturing environment, as well as access to therapeutic services so that they may achieve success academically, socially, and emotionally.


Camelot Academy of Santa Rosa
4140 Berryhill Road Pace, FL 32571

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School District: Santa Rosa School District
School Hours: 8:40 AM to 3:30 PM