Pensacola News Journal Editorial on Camelot Academy

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Last week, we shared an article by Erin Kourkonis that ran in the Pensacola News Journal about the success of our transitional academy in Escambia County, Florida. This week, we are proud to announce that the editorial board of the Pensacola News Journal has wholeheartedly endorsed the Camelot Academy program, writing “The academy each year likely saves dozens of young people from leaving school.”

The editorial describes the necessity of second chances, and the value of education for extraordinary kids who have extraordinary potential.  “Programs such as the Camelot Academy can help to prevent a poor decision that will last a lifetime.”  The editorial similarly points out the value of alternative, non-traditional routes of education that can help facilitate more effective learning for students who are challenged by existing structures.  “Adults sometimes forget the social pressure that, for some children, makes the traditional school more difficult than chemistry, algebra or world history. Some students just aren’t wired to learn in a traditional setting.”

Our schools make progress with students who may have otherwise been written off, while simultaneously creating comfortable learning environments.  One student says, “Here, it’s like a big family, a community of great people…I feel welcome.”

We are thrilled by this endorsement, and are confident that our schools will continue to make a difference.

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