Ringing Bells in Philly

 In Camelot Blog

At 8:00 Monday morning, in the land of the Liberty Bell public schools across the city of Philadelphia – including Camelot’s sites – ushered in the new school year by ringing bells.

This opening day was significant for a number of reasons. It marked the first time ever that school started before Labor Day in Philadelphia. It also represented the first time school started on a Monday. The idea is to get an entire week of instruction at the start of the year.

The final reason for ringing the bells was to herald the return to local control. The school district had been under a state board, the School Reform Commission – since 2001.

Philadelphia has gradually increased the percentage of students graduating on time. At the end of last year, 67 percent of Philadelphia students graduated on time. That number is significantly higher than it was a decade ago – and Camelot’s Excel Academies have contributed to the improvement. The district knows, of course, it has to raise that percentage yet higher. Camelot will continue to be there to help. We have been a partner to the district since 2004, graduating 280 students last school year.

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