Camelot Education Celebrates Harrisburg Students of the Week with Surprise Pizza Delivery

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Keeping students motivated and excited to attend remote classes during distance learning takes creativity, dedication, and… pizza. To show appreciation for their hard work during distance learning, Executive Director James Snyder and Director of Operations Joe Gettle of Camelot Education’s Cougar Academies in Harrisburg, PA, visited students outside their home and delivered pizzas to six Students of the Week in celebration of their exemplary academic performance in the remote learning environment.

“We wanted to show support to our students and families during this pandemic,” Snyder said. “These students had 100 percent attendance and class participation, completed all their academic assignments for every class, and adhered to all of our campus distance learning expectations.”

The Students of the Week were 12th-grade students Quinnyesha Kemp, Christina Wallace, Charity Burgess, Kanaisha Jackson and Brazeal Ferrell-Daniels, and third-grade student Martel Williams. The students did not know that the staff visits were happening.

“They were super surprised when they saw us,” Gettle said. “They haven’t seen us or their teachers face-to-face since March. The kids, their parents, and their siblings were all excited.”

“Words cannot explain how much I appreciate my teachers, fellow students, and staff for getting me to where I am today,” said Charity. “Since attending Cougar Excel Academy for a year now, everything has changed. I have a 4.0 grade point average, got on the honor roll, and I am now a student government executive. I am beyond grateful and extremely proud of my achievements.”

“We’re always looking for ways to uplift our students and their families,” Snyder said. “Our Students of the Week know we are proud of everything they have achieved.”

The hallmark of Camelot Education is the building and maintaining of crucial connections and relationships with students. Irrespective of whether students and staff are all together in a school building or engaged in remote learning, relationships, support, and connections remain important solid objects for vulnerable children. Through small acts such as a socially distanced porch visit, the Camelot team continues to cultivate and strengthen relationships and offer a higher level of support to students in need.

Since 2015, Camelot Education has partnered with Harrisburg School District to provide a comprehensive, social-emotional learning (SEL)-immersive suite of academic, behavioral, and therapeutic supports to students in grades K-12. Within one school building, Camelot hosts three unique programs to support students and their families through all stages of their child’s development and education, including Cougar PAWS Academy (K-5), Cougar ACHIEVE Academy (6-12), and Cougar Excel Academy (9-12).

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