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At Camelot Education, we understand the impact trauma can have on the developing minds of children. Since 2004, we have partnered with public school districts to impact the lives of 26,000 students across the country, helping them on their journey to academic and life success.

Featured Alumni

Many students pass through our doors with histories of hardship and heartache; however, they find success within our walls. Watch our alumni talk about how their high school experience with Camelot changed their lives for the better. Now, they’re not only surviving, but thriving and acting as mentors to others in their communities.

Diarah Harden

Camelot Graduate, 2015
Aspiring Entreprenuer & Leader of Chicago Women’s Coalition

Diarah is the first to admit that she was a troubled teen, but with a little help, she was able to get back on track. Watch Diarah share how her experiences have led her to mentor young women in her community.

Angel Buckley

Camelot Graduate, 2014
Small Business Owner & Community Activist

To Angel, education has always been important, but circumstances caused her to leave school for six months. Hear Angel’s perspective on perseverance and determination.

Tyjuan Lewis

Camelot Graduate, 2017
Aspiring Entrepreneur & Agriculturist

After falling a year behind in school, Tyjuan recognized he needed to make a change. Watch Tyjuan describe how he found his path to college.

Kila Washington

Camelot Graduate, 2017
Culinary Student & Aspiring Chef

Kila loved school, but she had a difficult time adjusting to the multiple high schools she attended. Hear how she found a solid foundation at Camelot.

  • "It is evident that the Camelot team is student-centered and data-driven... We are thrilled with the partnership with Camelot Education."

    Dr. Shannon Karcher Director of Special Education Alternative Programs and External Education, Rochester City School District

Independent Studies

During our nearly two decades of partnership with public school districts across the country, a number of independent, third-party studies have been conducted to show the positive impacts Camelot Education has had on students, schools, and districts.

National Dropout Prevention Center

Program Assessment and Review of Camelot Education

In 2019, the National Dropout Prevention Center assessed two Camelot schools in Pennsylvania—one in Philadelphia and one in Lancaster—examining each through the lens of dropout prevention.

Research for Action

Year One Report on Philadelphia’s Accelerated High Schools

Research for Action (RFA), a Philadelphia-based nonprofit organization, conducted research during the 2010-11 school year on accelerated high schools designed to support students at high risk of dropping out of school, or who had previously dropped out in the School District of Philadelphia.

Jobs for the Future

From Remediation to Acceleration: Early Lessons from Two Philadelphia Back on Track Schools

With longtime partners at the Philadelphia Youth Network and the School District of Philadelphia’s Office of Multiple Pathways, Jobs for the Future conducted a study that explores how two Camelot Education Accelerated Instructional Programs revamped their instruction, the level of commitment required to sustain these new practices, and the early lessons that emerged.


The Impacts of Philadelphia’s Accelerated Schools on Academic Progress and Graduation

As part of an effort to improve high school graduation rates, the School District of Philadelphia gave the green light to establish several alternative high schools known as accelerated schools that aim to provide expedited paths to graduation.

Meet Erickah

Cougar Excel Academy
Harrisburg, PA

Erickah graduated in the spring of 2019, and she will now begin military service in the Army as a medic, though her path to service wasn’t always this focused and clearly defined.

“I used to get into fights because I needed to prove a point to everybody, but at Camelot, I’ve learned that I don’t have to do that,” she said. “I have come to realize that it’s about how much you let people get under your skin, and I just don’t let it happen anymore. It’s not worth it. I have better things to worry about.”

Erickah said trying to change was not easy when she first arrived at Camelot. “The staff basically gave me every opportunity to get myself out of trouble. It was just a question of whether I would take the steps to actually get there.” Academically, Erickah had fallen behind but says now, at 18, she is all caught up with her peers.

Leah Hession, Director of Curriculum at the Cougar Academies campus sys, “I’m grateful that she took it upon herself to listen to all the different staff members here to do better behaviorally and academically. We couldn’t be more proud of her. She is really part of the family here, and we’re going to miss her.”

Erickah said it is not a mystery why she has been so successful in the Camelot environment. “When you walk into the building, you feel the energy from the staff, nothing but love. You feel like you’ve got more of a home. This school is just so different from what I had ever experienced, and I’ve changed a lot. I feel like I’ve matured a lot and learned that life is just too short to be worried about what everybody else is doing. I’m excited. I’m ready to graduate and show everybody that I did it for them.”

The future starts now

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