Camelot Teacher Profile: Erin Kelly

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After college graduation, Camelot was Erin's first choice to teach at.

After college graduation, Camelot’s Excel North  was Erin’s first choice.

Math teacher Erin Kelly graduated from St. Hubert’s High School in Northeast Philadelphia before studying elementary education at Penn State University.  She found her passion for math education through student teaching and found her place at Camelot straight out of college teaching Algebra II, geometry, and personal finance.

What is your favorite part of working with Camelot Excel students?

“I like how when you work here you are actually helping the kids. Here you are teaching for the kids to actually learn.”

Why do you like teaching math?

“I am just good at math, I get it conceptually. I know why I am doing it, not just the steps, which makes me good at teaching it.”

What do you think about the Camelot model of education?

“I love it. I think it works. I don’t plan to or want to leave the school. I like the structures and the norms, the levels. Everything- the structure that’s what our kids need.”

Are there any projects you do that are particularly creative or interesting? Anything the students get really into?

“Towards the end of the year, with Algebra II, I will do data collections, histograms, stem and leaf plots.  I always think they are going to hate it, but they love it, because they are collecting their own data and bringing it in, I’m not forcing them to do any one subject. Students have collected data on shoe sizes to basketball statistics. It’s a chance for them to be themselves.”

What do you hope students take away from your class?

“Problem solving skills, to be able to sit and work through something challenging, and if they cannot get to the answer to find someone and ask for help, like when they ask me for help, I am so happy because at least they want to accomplish their goal.”

What is your favorite part of the student body?

I like that I get to be a real person with my students and I can joke around with them. They need a teacher, but they need someone who cares about their life and themselves.”

I love teaching math, I also like keeping in contact with the students and making sure they reach their post-secondary goals. That is rewarding for me, because it shows I did something here that is being carried on out there. I make sure they are going somewhere, trying to do something. Even, like I said before, when they leave here, I do not mind giving them my cell phone number if they need to text me for help once they have graduated.One girl who graduated about three years ago I’m still in touch with her when she needs help. She went to Penn State Abington.

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